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Closing the FAA Gap

The Role of an Aircraft Escrow Agent There are many paperwork “gaps” that can get in the way of you and your aircraft. In our previous blog, you learned about the gap that may occur between documentation Filing and Recording at the FAA. In this article, you’ll learn how gaps can occur during an aircraft […]

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If the FAA says I Own My Aircraft, do I Really?

Not necessarily. Here’s why. Philko Aviation, Inc. v. Shacket United States Supreme Court 462 U.S. 406 (1983) This is a great example of aircraft ownership and the role of the FAA in sales transactions. In this case, a shady character, Roger Smith, sold an aircraft to the Shackets. Smith provided the aircraft and a photocopy […]

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The FAA’s Position on Aircraft Titles

The civil aviation industry relies on the FAA for plenty of things, including information, certification, and training. While the FAA provides a plethora of resources, it’s important to understand how they handle documentation. Specifically, what is their position on aircraft titles? The answer, quite simply, is they don’t have one. Aircraft owners, purchasers, and sellers […]

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The Difference between Filed and Recorded FAA Documents

Filed vs Recorded FAA Documents There is a difference between filing and recording of documents at the FAA.  This article explores the differences between the two and the effects both unrecorded and improperly recorded documents can have on an aircraft’s title. How are documents filed at the FAA? The FAA will accept and review any […]

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