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What is the IR’s position on Titles?

They don’t have one. The International Registry (IR) is a notice-based registry only. You can register an interest at the IR, but it is only an electronic filing designed to tell you that an interest exists somewhere in the world. To find the actual interest, you must go to the country where the interest was […]

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The Importance of Consent and Joinder Language in Aircraft Purchase Agreements

In the 15+ years we’ve been in business, we have witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to private aircraft purchases and sales. Whenever possible, we like to share experiences with our customers and readers to prevent you from having an unpleasant transaction. Prior to preparing a sales agreement, there will […]

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Know Your Customer Requirements for Aircraft Title Companies

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the term used by businesses for the process used to verify the identity of prospective customers to determine if the client is someone with whom they should be doing business. KYC laws were introduced as part of the Patriot Act that was passed after 9/11. Title III of the Patriot […]

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Can’t I Handle My Own Aircraft Closing?

Legally, yes you can. But it would most likely be disastrous. Buying an aircraft is more complex than many other high-end purchases for which you seek the help of professionals, such as buying a home, a yacht, or perhaps even a business. Here are the three main components that make up an aircraft closing, and […]

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The Difference between Filed and Recorded FAA Documents

Filed vs Recorded FAA Documents There is a difference between filing and recording of documents at the FAA.  This article explores the differences between the two and the effects both unrecorded and improperly recorded documents can have on an aircraft’s title. How are documents filed at the FAA? The FAA will accept and review any […]

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