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Meet the Wright Brothers Team – Kayleigh Moffett

There is no shortage of terrific talent working at Wright Brothers Aircraft Title. Last month we introduced one of our escrow agents, Gabrielle Stephens. In this blog you’ll meet another escrow agent, Kayleigh Moffett. Here’s what Kayleigh had to share. 1. How long have you worked at Wright Brothers Aircraft Title? I’ve been working here […]

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Meet The Wright Brothers Team – Gabrielle Stephens

The team at Wright Brothers Aircraft Title is a talented group who work with aircraft owners on their aircraft registration needs. Gabrielle Stephens is a member of this team. She’s an Escrow Agent with Wright Brothers Aircraft Title, and you’ll see that her current responsibilities and past experiences give her everything she needs to provide […]

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Closing the FAA Gap

The Role of an Aircraft Escrow Agent There are many paperwork “gaps” that can get in the way of you and your aircraft. In our previous blog, you learned about the gap that may occur between documentation Filing and Recording at the FAA. In this article, you’ll learn how gaps can occur during an aircraft […]

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