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What is the IR’s position on Titles?

They don’t have one. The International Registry (IR) is a notice-based registry only. You can register an interest at the IR, but it is only an electronic filing designed to tell you that an interest exists somewhere in the world. To find the actual interest, you must go to the country where the interest was […]

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Closing the FAA Gap

The Role of an Aircraft Escrow Agent There are many paperwork “gaps” that can get in the way of you and your aircraft. In our previous blog, you learned about the gap that may occur between documentation Filing and Recording at the FAA. In this article, you’ll learn how gaps can occur during an aircraft […]

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Can’t I Handle My Own Aircraft Closing?

Legally, yes you can. But it would most likely be disastrous. Buying an aircraft is more complex than many other high-end purchases for which you seek the help of professionals, such as buying a home, a yacht, or perhaps even a business. Here are the three main components that make up an aircraft closing, and […]

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If the FAA says I Own My Aircraft, do I Really?

Not necessarily. Here’s why. Philko Aviation, Inc. v. Shacket United States Supreme Court 462 U.S. 406 (1983) This is a great example of aircraft ownership and the role of the FAA in sales transactions. In this case, a shady character, Roger Smith, sold an aircraft to the Shackets. Smith provided the aircraft and a photocopy […]

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Private Aircraft and Mechanic’s Lien Difficulties

When the time comes to buy or sell a private aircraft, problems may arise from unsettled mechanic’s liens that have been filed and/or recorded with the FAA. How Mechanic’s Liens are Filed: The FAA and State Law The instructions for filing and recording an aircraft mechanic’s lien has varied by state since 1981. State law […]

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