Title Clearing

FAA aircraft records contain title transfer documents, liens, security documents, releases, and more filed with the Aircraft Registration Branch and found to meet the FAA recording requirements. Clear title means all the documents contained in the FAA record for an aircraft are all properly signed and recorded, and there are no unreleased chattel mortgages, security agreements, tax liens, artisan liens, or similar documents on record against an aircraft.

Many times aircrafts have some type of improperly signed or missing bill of sale, or an outstanding encumbrance or lien attached to the title. Many of these issues date back several years and are no longer in force, but because of improper termination or inaccurate structure, they still undermine the integrity of the title. This creates a “clouded title” which can cause problems for the owner, potential owner and/or lender.

Clearing an encumbered title is a time-consuming and tedious process that involves contacting interested parties or their successors to collect documents, signatures, and affidavits necessary to assemble the required paperwork. This process can seem like an impossible task for the inexperienced. Done incorrectly, it can create more clouds on an already clouded title.

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