Wright Brothers Aircraft Title Forms Partnership with Wingform


OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Sept. 25, 2018

Wright Brothers Aircraft Title (WBAT), a full service title and escrow company, is pleased to announce their strategic partnership with Wingform.com, aircraft sales industry experts behind the software catering to the buying and selling of aircraft, in collaboration with Bird & Bird International Law firm and Escrow.com. WBAT’s sister company, Aircraft Guaranty Corporation (AGC), has also joined the partnership, moving both companies into a new chapter of advanced service.

Wingform is a step-by-step guidance and facilitation platform that allows for the start to finish buying and selling of aircraft all in one place. The online platform takes users through the transaction process swiftly in an environment of standardized transparency, security and tried business practices, moving away from a complex industry landscape. WBAT saw the benefit in partnering with Wingform and lending their knowledge and expertise to this new venture.

Wright Brothers provides a full range of title and escrow services, with their strong commitment to outstanding service and client relations. With an office located at the FAA’s Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, WBAT has full and immediate access to FAA records, giving it the ability to provide timely and efficient services to clients around the world. Working with Wingform in its new, efficient digital environment adds to the company’s advantageous position in the industry, further increasing value to clients.

“The aviation industry is by far one of the most dynamic industries in the world,” said Andrew Gratton, Co-founder & Director of Wingform. “Saying this, aircraft sales have been conducted in the same, inefficient manner for the last 50 years. Building experience and various skill sets into technology, as well as our collaboration with Bird & Bird and Escrow.com, Wright Brothers Aircraft Title & Aircraft Guaranty Corporation, we have been able to create the world’s first turnkey aircraft sales platform. We are moving into a new chapter, generating successful transactions based on transparency, security and efficiency.”

For more information about Wingform, visit www.wingform.com.

About Wright Brothers Aircraft Title: 

Owner and President Debbie Mercer-Erwin founded Wright Brothers Aircraft Title in 2001, seeing the many opportunities during her early career to improve upon the services being offered. Thus, WBAT began based on a commitment to outstanding service and strong client relations. Wright Brothers Aircraft Title gives their clients the personal care and attention they deserve, guiding them through the process and developing relationships that last a lifetime. For more information about WBAT, visit www.wbaircraft.com.

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